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Why was music played through headphones to the dreamer?

The headphone is placed on the dreamer of the following level and is a cue that a kick is about to take place, urging them to start the kick process for the dream of the next level. The music will be incorporated by the dreamer into their dream, and all those in that dream will hear it.

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Anon_112 commented 2010-08-04 10:58:31 UTC
lets say not always... headphones are placed by the dreamer of the level who place them on others when the time of performing the kick is close. At the end of the music, the kick will take place so that gives the others a measure of how long they have until the kick took place.
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Simplified answer to leave only sections that's directly relevant to the question. A separate FAQ can be created if contributor wish to put in further explanation.

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