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If anyone in a dream can alter the dream world (regardless of who the dreamer is), why did Cobb need to know if Ardiane has built a shortcut to the snow fortress in level 3? He or anyone else in the dream could easily have created a shortcut right on the spot. (I know that altering the dream causes the subconcious agents to attack, but the team is already fighting with Fischer's subconcious agents. So, it wouldn't change anything)

As previously explained and displayed by Cobb, making changes in a dream world will make its inhabitants increasingly hostile to the alien entities - in this case, the team. If they were to create a new passageway on the spot, the inhabitants would likely become even more aggressive and more difficult to defeat, and so the action would simply compromise the mission further. Also if Cobb altered the 'Maze' as it were, then it is possible that Mal could then appear and try to attack them, as he would then know the structure.

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HT commented 2010-11-24 23:55:15 UTC
Isn't it premature for Saito to make his phone call from the plane? Fisher hasn't broken up his father's empire. He might change his mind.
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