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The wedding ring is totem of Cobb? i have this idea because it only appeared when Cobb was dreaming but not in reality. And actually, the spinning top belonged to his wife ( is it right?), and Cobb said totem could not be touched by others because if others touch it, then the function of totem would be lost ( that's why Ariadne refused letting Cobb to touch her own totem) , so i think the spinning top was kept by Cobb just because he wanted something belonging to his wife could be with him , the real totem of him was the ring, Will there be any possiblity?

I highly doubt so. By saying that Cobb kept the totem for memory might be true. But if that is the case, he would just keep it and not use it. He would rather use his own totem. Furthermore, a totem was used to confirm reality and Cobb only realised the importance of knowing if you are in a dream or not only after Mal's death, therefore he most likely does not have a totem before that.

In Addition: No. Many believe that the wedding ring is Cobb's totem because it appears on the 'dream' scenes (most notably in the begining/ending when he is in Limbo with old Saito) BUT if you look at the scenes where Mal commits suicide you can see Cobb's ing in ALL of them. This is a potential 'reality' scene, a past 'reality' so, as expained above Cobb didn't have a totem before Mal's suicide.

Addition: It makes sense for Cobb to have the wedding ring on in the suicide scene. It's reality, it happened, and they were married. He could have made the ring his totem after her death.

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