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At the start of the film a kick is needed in the first dream to wake cobb from the second dream, with water rushing through Saito’s palace as he falls in the bath. However no kick is needed in the second layer to wake him. How does Ariadne wake herself by falling off the tower in limbo, surely dropping when the bunker exploded would wake her from that, then the elevator, then the van hitting the water. Finally, why does the first kick not work, the van going over the edge. Surely this should wake arthur, he cant choose to ignore a kick surely?

The movie is a bit unclear as to how to kicks exactly work: Do they either

1. Provide a kick in the current level to end that level and take you to the previous one?
Example: Kick in level 1 takes you back to reality.

2. Provide a kick in the current level to bring people back from the next to the current level?
Example: Kick in level 1 wakes people up from level 2 to level 1.

3. A mix of these?

Because in the case of situation 1, Cobb was talking nonsense, like your question implies. If you can just give youself a kick to wake up from your current dream, why do you have to wait a week? 

In case of situation 2: Why did they provide a kick in level 3 then? They only needed one in level 2. 

So a mix seems the most logical choice. Like: To wake up from level 1 back into reality, you need a kick from both reality and level 1. 

Now I think the movie showed that there was no kick in the real world, and it implied that they waited out that week in level 1 anyway ( dont ask why they underwent the mission anyway >_> ). The lfight arrived as soon as the team woke up..

But theres definately plot holes in here.  

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Juan provided an answer 2010-10-04 12:52:08 UTC view / hide
GaryOak commented 2011-06-22 03:13:59 UTC
Thats not true..They require a real world kick, like dropping someone into water, to wake someone up from a level 1 dream into the real world. Thus they require a kick in level 1 to make people wake up from level 2 and go back into level 1.

In other words; The kick conducted in level 1, the van falling into the water in this case, was to get them back into level 1, not into reality.

I sense a plot hole.
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