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What are the special gems?

  • Flame Gem appears when matching 4 gems. When flame gem is matched, it would create a little "explosion", destroying all gems around it.
  • Star Gem appears when matching gems in T or L shape (clearing two rows of 3-gems together). When star gem is matched, it would cast two straight bolts destroying every gem in the same horizontal and vertical line with it.
  • Hypercube appears when matching 5 gems in one row. One can match hypercube with any of its neighboring gem, which would result in all gems on the board that are the same color of that neighboring gem to be destroyed.
  • Multiplier Gem appears when a large number of gems are cleared. Matching it increase your multiplier, which is the number your score is multiplied by starting form the moment you cleared that multiplier gem.
  • Coin Gem appears randomly, and will grant you coins when matched.

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How do you create a white flame gem?

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