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What are some tips for advanced players?

These are tips for player to achieve beyond 500k+ score:
  • Only one multiplier would appear for every cascade, no matter how big the cascade is. If you see a very big cascade coming but it's early in the game, try to go for smaller cascade first so you would get more multipliers from it.
  • Multiplier is the key to obtaining super high score, go for multiplier of all things early on in the game.
  • While luck plays a big part in this game, speed is one thing you have an almost total control over. Train yourself to be fast enough so you can constantly have 2 blazing speeds in every single game.
  • The tip for playing bottom of screen first is nice, but at this point you should be able to spot almost all matches on the board immediately that concentrating too much on just the bottom half of the board may actually slow you down.

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