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Why are Ariadne and Cobb going into limbo to find Fisher? Why can't they use the defibrillator without going down there?

This isn't clear, but one plausible explanation is that because Fisher died in level 3 and subsequently ended up in Limbo, bringing him back merely through the defibrillator would have resulted in a Fisher who resembled a madman, as his subconscious would still be trapped in Limbo. (Recall that before the team entered the first level, Cobb had warned that having one's subconscious trapped in Limbo would be synonymous to going mad in reality if the person was brought back through simply withdrawing the sedative.)

Through bringing Fisher back from Limbo the "proper" way, they saved Fisher's mind, which then proceeded to accomplish their ultimate goal - to trick itself into believing that his father did in fact love him and wanted him to build his own empire.

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