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In Level 3 (Snow Fortress), when Fischer was at his father's death bed, was Fischer's father really disappointed that Fischer TRIED to be like his father? Or was it only an idea planted by the Inception team?

It's unknown what Fischer's father actually wanted for his son. The father we see in the 3rd level is a projection from Fischer's subconscious.

There are two ways to explain this:

1.) The interaction between father and son was mostly/entirely contrived by the team.

2.) What happens is what Fischer wants to happen. Cobb says earlier in the movie that we all seek catharsis. In level one they plant the idea that the father wanted to break up the company. It's possible that Fischer seeks catharsis, and latches onto the idea that his father wants to break up the company. So what we see is what Fischer wants the truth to be.

A combination of the two is much more elegant, though: The team (very subtly) pushes Fischer in the right direction, then his subconscious fills in the rest.

The wish fulfillment reading could also mirror what happens to Cobb at the end. He too is dreaming, and sees what he wants to see.


Though in Level 3 Fischer's father is a projection of Fischer's subconscious, Eames is the dreamer and Ariadne remains the Architect, so they both have the power to put any object in the safe. The fact that Fischer finds the windmill that Eames saw in the photograph in Fischer's wallet earlier in he first level supports this thesis. Of course, Eames is also the forger, so he could technically impersonate the father, but we assume he is too busy defending the fortress. The father's speech is thus a product of Fischer's subconscious desires.

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