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In the first level, Cobb has mentioned about limbo, and Arthur seems to have implied that Cobb has been into a limbo before. Has Cobb really been in a limbo before? When was it?

Yes, he has. This happened when Cobb and Mal were experimenting with dream sharing in multiple levels. This is how Cobb and his wife's dreamland was built in the Limbo that is falling apart in the end of the film.

Alternative: The falling apart city at the end of the film is not Limbo, but a 4th dream level (see previous answers). It is built using Cobb's memories of the city he built with his wife. If it is Limbo, there's a question about how Saito can be much older than Cobb in the final Limbo scene, as Cobb would have entered "Limbo" earlier than Saito.

Far Out Alternative: Cobb and Mal never went to Limbo, they just lost track of reality while exploring dream levels. They never seem to have experienced delirium, which is apparently a Limbo phenomena. Rather, they created their own dreamworld, and settled down, tried to forget etc. ... of course, if, by definition, forgetting what is real = entering Limbo, then they did.

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