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Did the kids age at the end of the film? If not, is this proof that Cobb was dreaming all along?

Since we can never see the face of the kids, it is difficult to tell whether they have aged or not. They do seem to have aged, in particular the girl, though it is difficult to tell exactly. They are also wearing subtly different clothes. The girl wears a white shirt under the pink dress at the end, and she has red or pink converse shoes instead of the earlier flip-flops.

Further, in the film credits Cobb's daughter Phillipa is credited to two different actresses, aged 5 and 7. There are also two actors for the boy as well (one of which is Christopher Nolan's son), aged 2 and 4 (see the IMDB entry, linked below). The younger actors seem to have been used for the scene on the beach during Cobb's "memory" dreams, where they also wear completely different clothes.

However, the positioning and actions of the kids at the end mirror the positions from his dreams. It is very unlikely that the kids would be doing exactly the same thing, in the same way, two years later. 

If this is a dream, it is likely a wish fulfillment dream. Cobbs could easily create an imagined two year age gap, subconsciously. I think everyone agrees that the scene has enough similarity to his memories to be based on them, but enough difference to allow Cobb's conscious mind to believe in a two year gap. 

The scene may also be designed by Ariadne, who witnessed the original memory, and could easily create a scene for Cobbs. 

More interestingly, why does Cobbs no longer care about the results of the spinning top? Surely he'll pass that table again, and glance in its direction ...» Improve this Answer

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