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Is my iPhone unlocked?

in US, your iPhone 4 will be locked to AT&T.
In Canada, if you buy your iPhone 4 through a phone carrier, your phone would be locked to that carrier. If you buy your iPhone 4 from Apple Store, your phone would be unlocked.
(this is an incomplete list)

Anon_170 asked the question 2010-08-01 17:16:41 UTC view / hide
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stephan raj commented 2013-06-12 07:04:41 UTC
You can find it simply by changing the SIM card of your phone.If the phone is locked the phone will not accept any other SIM.And says invalid network or you can simply connect your Iphone with I tunes.After updating the phone will say whether the phone can be unlocked or not.If you don't get any message then the phone must be unlocked.If you find the phone is locked then you can get it unlocked by using the remote unlock service.Which is reliable and safe way to unlock a Iphone permanently.You can get the remote unlock service from the site http://www.prounlocking.com/apple/rs8wp8/ .Here you can find the remote unlocking service for most of the Iphone model according to the country and the network.

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