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What are the "kicks" from different levels in the final mission?

  • Level 2 to 1: Van driving off the bridge. The original plan was to make use of the impact with the barrier, but this impact was "missed" by the dreamers in Level 2. The second kick came when the van hit the water.
  • Level 3 to 2: The explosion under the elevator forces it to rocket upwards, hence simulating gravity. The moment the elevator hits the top the acceleration stops, and the characters are thrown upwards.
  • Level 4 to 3: Exploding the base of the fort should be sufficient to bring dreamers back from Level 4 (though it might be a little overkill!).
  • Level 5 to 4: There is no Level 5, so there are no dreamers to be "kicked" back to Level 4. Ariadne and Fischer falling off the building seems to play no clear role in the dream mechanic (there is no equivalent at Levels 1-3). Cobb and Saito are by now in Limbo, which operates by different rules (you must die to change levels).
    Level 1 to Reality is unknown. The characters will wake up when the dream machine times-out. They must survive several more days in Level 1 before this happens (faking death by drowning helps here, it will calm the militarized projections). Possibly the air hostess administers a kick.

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