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What is the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking?

Jailbreaking allows users to install any software on iPhone, unlocking allows users to use SIM card from any carrier on iPhone. For iPhones that are not factory unlocked, jailbreaking the iPhone is necessary before the unlocking software can be installed to unlock the iPhone.

Anon_170 asked the question 2010-08-01 17:23:26 UTC view / hide
Devon provided an answer 2010-08-01 17:27:22 UTC view / hide
Ryder Jessie commented 2013-04-05 05:43:53 UTC
Jailbreaking allows users to install 3rd party applications whereas unlocking allows users to use other GSM sim cards. For more details, search http://www.google.com .
Terry Boy commented 2013-05-02 04:04:02 UTC
Really very nice answers.
Terry Boy commented 2013-05-02 04:06:38 UTC
stephan raj commented 2013-05-30 11:49:34 UTC
Jail breaking is the method which is used to access the entire root of the file system.Typically this is the way to access directories of the device to install cool programs and to add more application to the device ,This can be done by installing the application called Cydia to your Iphone.It also allows you to change the background,icons and the chat bubbles in your Iphone.Once the jail breaking is done to a Iphone will void your warranty.And speaking about unlocking it is totally different from jailbreak.It is the way to unlock your mobile from a particular carrier to use it with any other GSM network.There are different methods to unlock a Iphone from a carrier,you can call the provider and request them to unlock your Iphone,this may take weeks or even months to proceed or you can simply use the remote unlocking service which is provided by the site http://www.unlock-zone.com/apple/rs5wp8/ which is the reliable and safest way to unlock a Iphone.

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