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What happened at the beginning of the film?

The team was on a mission to extract information from Saito by Cobol engineering (A rival of Saito's), Saito recognized the deceit, but played along in order to audition the team. The film started at a dream within a dream, dreamed by Arthur, where Cobb got the document but was stopped by Mal who informed Saito and captured Arthur. Cobb killed Arthur to freed him from Mal's torture, which caused the dream to collapse because Arthur the dreamer was killed and woke up to the first level dream. Saito woke up after getting killed by the falling building. Nash tried to wake Cobb up by performing a kick into the tub. Level 1 dream was dreamed by Nash at Saito's mistress hide out, but Saito discovered that the material on the carpet was wrong thus realized he's still in dream. Time was up and all woke up one after another as the rioting crowd enters the room. The team woke up into reality and escaped before Saito finally woke up moments later to find the team gone from the train cabin.  

Then Nash the architect went to Saito and gave up Arthur and Cobb's location so that Saito would protect him from Cobol, who was looking to kill the team because of their failure.  Saito didn't like Nash's betrayal and offered Cobb an opportunity to kill him.  Cobb refused and Saito left him for Cobol to find.

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