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It's stated that in order for inception to work, you have to go 3 levels deep. How did Cobb and Mal get 3 levels deep between the 2 of them if it requires a different person to dream each level?

We are never told directly that it requires a different person to dream each level.  It happens that way in the Inception simply because they need someone in each level to protect them from the subconscious (Even if it wasn't militarized, it could still harm sleeping targets).  Since the projections are most attracted to the dreamer, he is the logical choice to stay behind and distract them.

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I don't agree with the answer above. Cobb and Mal went to limbo at the end so it might be that they died in level one or two and went to limbo (since if you died in any level of dream when using a powerful seductive, you go to limbo).
It was in limbo that Cobb carried out inception and because limbo is the deepest subconsicous state of mind therefore it made it harder for people there to differentiate dream and reality, thus, Mal was confused and remined uncovinced that she was back even after returning to reality.
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