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I'm currently using android version of Draw Free and I just hit a point where I bought 50 bombs and have enough colors to draw most anything. The last 50-70 moves I've been given the same word options. "ACE", ALARM" and "KINGKONG" to every account. the KINGKONG has changed to ADELE twice but no other changes have happened. I've gotten good at drawing these three things but getting really bored with them. I have 9 people in my account 1 email and 8 random. Does anyone know a way to fix this? I've tried logging out and back in. updating the app. creating a new account then going back to this account. etc. No change. It's been stuck on these three words since I've bought the 50 bombs. (down to 28 now) I'm surprised that people still play with me since I'm not giving them much for a drawing/guessing challenge.

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wesminister asked the question 2012-10-12 19:45:09 UTC view / hide
Val Bowen commented 2012-11-20 10:39:38 UTC
Got same problem although I only bought 10 bombs and words "ace" and "adele" are my recurring words. the 2 coin word change but have those 2 same words everytime :(
Have deleted app and re-installed it and now works!!!! Good luck!!

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