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How are the plans for the dream world which are designed by the architect actually inserted into the dreamer's dream? Is the device used to administer the sedative actually linking the dreamers in some way?

The architect explains the design in depth to the dreamer (We see Ariadne explaining it to Yusuf).  However the dreamer is supposed to be the only one who knows the layout so that the others don't give information to their subconscious, if they happen to bring them with them.

We also see a scene in the preparation for the heist where the team is standing in the streets of level one and you can see the buildings being rolled out and Yusuf watching it happen.  It is clear that the dreamer simply lays out the dream after he is taught the design.

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I think the answer could lead to a question that since Ariadne knows exactly all 3 layouts of 3 levels, her subconscious may be attracted or "intervene" the plan when she is dreaming, which didn't happen indeed.

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