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What would happen if Cobb and Saito had remained lost in limbo and their sedative had worn off and the plane had landed in LA? What state would Cobb and Saito be in upon the plane landing? And why?

According to what Cobb said to Ariadne in Yusef's dream, if the plane lands and Cobb and Saito wake up normally (with the sedative wearing off), time dilation compounded layer upon layer would mean that they have spent approximately 180 years in limbo corresponding to the original 10 hours on the flight, and that their brains would be "fried" because of how long you stayed alive (neural/muscular degeneration; mentally, anyway).

As for the first part of the question, if the sedative had worn off, they would simply wake up in the real world, have spent the entirety of the 180 years in limbo.

Mike asked the question 2013-01-21 15:17:17 UTC view / hide
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