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After they were sedated in the plane and then dream, were they sedated again in the 1st level? because if they did not they could be woken up in the 1st level by killing themselves in the 2nd level, thus they did not have the kick in the previous level. Right?

There are two possible explanations:

1) Heavy sedation in reality is all that is required to render death ineffective as a kick. The only time we see death kicks are at the end of the film (deaths in limbo are always effective kicks), and at the beginning when Arthur is shot in the head by Cobb. Since Arthur was not heavily sedated in the train (reality) his death functioned as a kick up to the first level dream (Saito's apartment).

2) Heavy sedation was indeed used for all situations in which the team needed to descend deeper into the dream. The silver briefcases used for these descents contain the sedative even in the dream world because the dreamers dream them into being. This would explain the requirment for falling kicks even in the deeper dream levels. 

I find the second explanation somewhat flawed due to the requirement for the non-chemist dreamers to be able to dream complex chemicals they may not understand into being.

However, this would explain a couple of things. First, it would explain how the first level, being Yusuf's dream, would use a dream version of the same drug he used in the real world, which is why gravity changes in the second level just as the van moves and swerves, yet the third level isn't affected by gravity changes, since the drug used in the second level could probably be some drug Arthur conjured into his dream that isn't as specialized.

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