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Even after Cobb made Robert Fischer believe in him in the hotel and Fischer has trusted them in the snow level why they were still fighting with the guys who were protecting the building(snow fortress)? Weren't they the guards who protect the Fischer's mind?

The guards are projections from Fischer's subconcious which came from previouse trainings done by Fischer to protect his mind from extractors such as Cobb.  They act as auto-defence machinisms so they are not really controlled by Fischer, they simply serve to protect intrusion.

This can be explained by the fact that concious are controlled or thought out by people where subconcious are automatic, like 'reflex'.

In another sense, the guards from Fischer's subconcious are the ones who can identify true invaders better than FIscher's concious who can be manipulated.

(The snow fortress is not, as some believe, Fischer's godfather's dream.  This is clearly stated in the hotel room before they enter the snow fortress level.)

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