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Doesn't Cobb's lack of wedding ring prove that he wasn't dreaming in the end? He is only seen wearing it when he's in a dream, never in reality.

This is simply a theory and is difficult to totally confirm as Cobb's left hand is often hidden from the camera during the movie. It is possible it is true and that it is reality, however it may also be a dream because Cobb has made his peace that Mal is dead in the dream world too.

During the "reality" scene at the end we never in fact see Cobb's left hand, so even if the theory were true it wouldn't tell us if he was dreaming at the end or not. The director has taken care to remove all obvious clues, he wants us to keep guessing.

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As a matter of fact, in the scene on airport, you can see Cobb's left hand just before he gives his passport to the airport official. Pause it, and you'll see there's no ring on his finger.

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