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How could Cobb and Ariadne find Fischer in level 4 if Fischer was killed in the previous level? Shouldn't Cobb have found him in the limbo where he found Saito?

There is no "level 4" because Ariadne didn't construct one when they were planning the inception. When Fischer dies, he goes to Limbo, which is where Mal is. Mal finds Fischer because she knows Cobb is looking for Fischer and she wants Cobb to come to her. Cobb and Ariadne are able to find Mal because Cobb knows where she will be. After Mal and Fischer "kick" back to level 3, Cobb stays in Limbo to find Saito.

Or Fischer did not die immediately.  He was fading and the team had time to enter sleep with him.  A world was not contructed for this level so they entered Cobb's premade world.  The risk would be that Mal is there.  But this is better than Ariadne's world which isn't even made or Fischer's world which he doesn't know he supposed to be making.  The plus is that by going into a premade world, you know your way around.  Another "plus" of going into Cobb's world is that it's predictable that Mal would be there and abduct Fischer.

It seems that Eames could only shock Fischer into waking up if the team found him in the lower level and made sure he was conscious (Adriadne asks if he's ok and he responds).  Otherwise Eames would have started shocking him a while ago to no avail.

When Fischer is shocked back to life and able to go to the chamber, why is he not suffering from a gunshot wound?  It seems that these dreamworld wounds (they aren't real afterall) are erased if you pass out and come back.  Therefore, Saito would have recovered from his wound too if once in the hotel world Yusef (in the rain world) would have shocked him.  They probably did not do this because his wound was not as reletively serious as Fischer's and he had time to see the mission through.  Sure he could have gone to the hotel world, been shocked back to the rain world and returned to the hotel world, but as we know, if he would have spent one minute in the rain world then he would've missed 20 hotel minutes.  And they were in quite a rush.

Speaking of Saito, eventually he succombed to his wound while in deep sedation therefore he went to limbo.  Cobb eventually died too (his drowning is shown not really his succombing to the knife wound) so he makes it to limbo.  As we know, you don't need kicks to get out of limbo.  The instant trip from limbo to the real world is death.

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