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How to beat Gorilla(black)?

use wall cats and dragons

This guy made a nice suggestion, really. But ill try to get into more detail: You need cat treasures for sure if you want a real good shot at it. Im not sure if it is possible if you dont have any cat treasures, but it would be quite difficult. ( focus on getting the cat treasures that improve your money rate and your cat production speed.) if its just 1 gorilla ( like in the bonus stages and such), then yeah using wall cats and dragon cats (tank cats and lizard cats) would probably be efficiant. However, i noticed when playing the bonus level "Loving Labor" that they spawn 3 black gorillas, allong with boosted penguins ( because, you know, 1 black gorilla wasnt hard enough). for that situation, i dont think that using dragon cats and wall cats will work well, for the dragon cats attack speed. When facing multiple black gorillas, my suggestion is to spam wall cats, then spawn cats that have area attack, decent hp, and attack speed that isnt too slow. Titan cat would work well in a group, but since it attacks slowly,it would be good for about only 1 hit about. The Ufo cat ( bird cat) would not be a very good idea, as it is very weak in hp. I found out ( from personal expieriance) that the combonation of a level 20 kung fu cat, a level 20 valkarye cat, 1 or 2 titan cats ( because why not?), a few dragon cats ( for damage purposes/knockbacks), a level 20 deliquent cat ( with area attack and power, it works well) that you get farther then you normally would. of course, there may be a few cats i missed, and if this combo doesnt suit you, then feel free to use something simular. *Note: this is from MY personal experiance, but it doesnt garentee the same from you. So dont get ticked off if this doesnt work. Hope this helped somehow :)

Noel bb asked the question 2014-01-17 09:12:19 UTC view / hide
JOEL HOUGE provided an answer 2014-10-27 14:46:12 UTC view / hide
Seon Jung improved the answer 2014-11-21 04:52:24 UTC view / hide

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