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Why are there gun men in the dreams?? (The people who try to attack them)

Because they are part of Fisher's subconscious, which was trained.

You remember in the second scene of the movie, at the very start of the story, where Cobb is telling Saito he can train the latter to protect himself from dream extraction? Seeing as Cobb is not the only extractor in the world, Fisher has been trained to protect himself by another extractor. When you are trained against extraction, your subconscious doesn't take as long to realize a) it's dreaming, b) who the dreamer is.

Fisher's subconscious had guns because he was trained, which arms his subconscious. From Fisher's point of view, this protects him from extraction (as we have seen, it's very efficient).

Grace Lee asked the question 2014-05-01 02:51:13 UTC view / hide
Belugas Go Blub provided an answer 2015-04-09 17:56:15 UTC view / hide

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