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1. At the beginning of the inception mission (when they are on the plane) I noticed that the primary target they are trying to incept, (Fischer) was also hooked up to the machine. So does the secondary dreamer need to be hooked up to the machine on
Each level as they go deeper? Or only on the first one which is due to that being the Initial/reality. Example: Yusuf on the city level is driving and is not hooked up to the Machine.

2. What happens if the main target (Fischer) dies? Like he does in Level 3, while also actively using his sub conscious mind currently? Shouldn't the world collapse instantly and/or they all go in limbo? How could they still use his mind and be in it instantaneously? when fischer (primary, and current mind) gets killed?

3. Is it safe to assume that there is a main/primary dreamer, and a secondary/sub one? An example of this is when they are in the first level (The City) they are in Fischer's mind, but when they go deeper inside (Next Level) YUSUF is the dreamer but yet Fischer is still the target and primary?

4. On level 3 (the snow fortress) Fischer dies, therefore he goes in limbo. (This should also create a paradox due to him dying and being the mind they are currently using..which is not eames, as most had assumed...which they stated when they were in the hotel room hooking up to the machine while going to the next level). Meanwhile Cobb and Ariadne goes after him, using the machine. But by using the machine they should've gone to the next level, not limbo. To go after Fischer, they needed to die also in level 3 to follow him.

These are the questions I have after watching the movie 5 times since it's release. And not in consecutive, back to back viewing.

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