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Can I upgrade my cats past the max level of 10?

      You can upgrade your cats past level 10 by waiting until Chapter 3 at which point they can be raised to 20, however...

      If you use at Cat Ticket and get an ability upgrade, cat or power, you can then use it on the  upgrade you gained via Cat Ticket, and it will unlock level 11, and then let you upgrade it to 20 using XP.

This will get you a bunch of really overpowered cats early on that you're not supposed to have access to. Likely this is a game exploit I discovered but every advantage helps when you're play time is limited by the amount of energy you have.

Dakin Capozzi provided an answer 2014-10-09 20:38:26 UTC view / hide
Dakin Capozzi asked the question 2014-10-09 20:38:26 UTC view / hide

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