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I upgraded my dragon cat to level 20. I got the dragon cat from a sliver ticket. I used it and instead of going to level 21 it just said "max +1". When I click on the animal it says "MAX+10Unlock addictional class changes!" What does this mean? Can I not upgrade more then 20?

You cannot use exp to upgrade anything higher than level 20 but you can use silver cat tickets to gain a maximum of 10 extra levels. Upon reaching +10 you will unlock the true form of that cat. There are only true forms for basic cats. Google true forms for more info.

Also, if you look up User Rank on the Wiki, it shows that there are unlockable maxes you can go to if you meet the User Rank requirement. For example:

User Rank 800: Is the first rank of importance. Expands the max of Normal Cats by 5. Only is able to be maxed through capsules.

It is very useful in the future, like far into the Legends of Stories

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