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What are the best ways to get high score?

The best ways to achieve high score, in order of effect:

  1. Make very long chain. Long chain are rewarded handsomely in this game, instead of many few small chains, make a long one.
  2. Make long chain in fever mode. If possible strategize in placing long chain of tsum and clear them once entering fever mode, as the combination of long chain and the fever mode multiplier greatly boost your score. A score in the range of 300k is possible with just one chain in fever mode.
  3. Choose the right tsum. Tsum makes all the difference, once you have it. The tsum that can give you a very long chain, able to upgrade to high score, can get charged fast (different tsums require a different number of tsums to be cleared to get charged up), and can clear tsums fast (some skill will burst tsums instantly while some require a few seconds to clear them)

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