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why did the team stay asleep when the van hit the guardrail (i.e., why did they "miss the kick")? While its possible that they stayed asleep because they were 2 levels down, it seems like Arthur should have woken up

While sedated, it requires a kick from both sides of the dream to wake someone up. Fischer was only woken back up in Level 3 after being kicked off the building in Limbo and Eames using the defibrillator. Same for the rest of the levels. The bombs destroying the hospital is matched by the elevator hitting the top of the shaft in the hotel, which in turn is matched by the van hitting the water, allowing the team to "ride the kicks" up the dream layers.

Anon_190 asked the question 2010-08-05 20:39:54 UTC view / hide
Michael Wayne Bushee provided an answer 2010-08-05 23:42:18 UTC view / hide

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