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Why didn't Fischer wake up in level 2 when he got killed by Mal. Instead of getting back to level 2 he went to 4th level or limbo. The possible answer is may be that he didn't get kick from both the levels ( level 2 and level 3 simultaneously) tahts why he ended up to limbo. But as per the movie a shot is enough to wake up from the dream,as happened in the starting dream when Cobb kill his friend in level 2 .

Because he was sedated to have a stable dream. That's what Cobb was doing when he slipped the liquid into Fisher's drink on the plane... he was sedating him.

As Cobb says once the team is in Level 1 (van), if you die in a dream under sedation you go to limbo as opposed to just waking up.

Sumit Dutta asked the question 2015-02-20 06:29:25 UTC view / hide
Belugas Go Blub provided an answer 2015-04-09 17:58:57 UTC view / hide

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