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I have tickets but I can't open cat capsule, what do I do (I do not understand Japanese)?

Did you defeat Chapter 1, Stage 7(Japan)? If not, you have to beat this stage. It will open the button to go to Cat Capsules on the bottom right. There is a "Rare Cat Capsule", and a "Cat Capsule". If you have gotten a Silver Ticket, click on Cat Capsule. If you have obtained a Gold Ticket, click on Rare Cat Capsule. The page becomes very self-explanatory from there, showing the buttons to open these Cat Capsules on the bottom-right.

This guide has been made from v3.0 of Battle Cats.

I do not think you need to understand Japanese. You could be confused about how PONOS has made Battle Cats originally from Japanese, but it does not change this process.

Losing Way asked the question 2015-04-11 02:03:58 UTC view / hide
Christopher Bo provided an answer 2016-01-01 23:17:14 UTC view / hide

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