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Why are only Fischer's projections in the dreams, why aren't there the projections of the other characters?

Because everyone else knows that they are dreaming/in someone's dream. Fischer (the character that Cillian portrays) never knows about it, so he is the only one whose subconscious fully kicks in and fills the dream world he is in with other people.

They "consciously know" that they are about to dream/enter a dream, so they can control their subconscious to a degree to not let it run wild on them and fill the dream with everything that they can dream.

Fischer of course doesn't know he is dreaming, so his subconscious simply runs wild (i.e. is a normal dream) and he therefore dreams the other beings into existence there. Personally, I think the entire movie is flawed, because if he can be trained to protect his thoughts by having the protectors pop up into his subconsious without him even trying, why make these protectors human? In a dream, it could really be anything..... dragons would have made everything a whole lot harder for Cobb and his team to ever try and place the inception on him.

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Anon_295 commented 2010-08-09 16:46:47 UTC
Quite incorrect - when Ariadne is given the chance to build a dream world for herself and Cobb, during her training, Cobb is aware that this is a dream, but his projections end up surrounding Ariadne, with Mal appearing and killing Ariadne personally.
idefilms commented 2010-11-08 13:01:36 UTC
It has to do with the machine; I'm guessing there is one port for the dreamer (the person who creates the environment) and one port for the dreamer (in this case the target, Fischer, who populates the environment with his subconscious). Cobb's subconscious is just so strong and so troubled that although he is just a participant, as it were, he brings in figments of his own subconscious.
Steven Parry commented 2011-10-04 15:52:58 UTC
I don't agree with the dragon idea. I only dream about people.
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