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If the entire movie is a plot to perform inception on Cobb, what is the idea that was being planted?

The idea is for him to forget/move on from Mal, in order for him to just live normally (and go home to his kids) in real life (or wherever the movie ends).

This means that while he may be incepting Fischer through the three dreams, the other characters are using the whole set of dreams to incept him at the same time. This would explain why Fischer was even allowed to die - every single person in the 3rd dream (the ice world) knew that his wife/Mal would turn up and shoot Fischer.

Hence the only way for Cobb to sucessfully incept Fischer is to "get him back" to the 3rd dream by having to go into Limbo to get him. This would be the plan of everyone else on him. Notice how Cobb never suggests the idea himself, but it is Ariadne who does. She and the others wanted this all along. He will go down into Limbo (because he thinks it is his duty to the team) to get Fischer.

But his team actually wanted him to go there, to finally confront Mal, and release her from his memories/dreams. Thus, once he finally returns to reality, the inception has worked. He is free of her and able to live his life with his kids and father-in-law.

The inception I believe was the idea that to hang on to Mal was bad (Mal in Spanish) because he was primarily putting the whole team at risk and also to get back to his kids and live a more normal life.

 The entire movie though I believe is a plot to preform inceptions on us. Can you figure them out? A couple of them I have gladly received.  

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