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How does Eames turn himself into somebody else, and how does he get his enormous gun?

Addressing the second part of the question first, the participants in the dream appear to have control over some aspects of the dream at least - i.e. No matter whose dream they're in, they have their totems, (but the totems don't have the properties expected unless they're the dreamer), Similarly, they can fill in some details about what other items they have, as evidenced by Fischer's having a photograph in his wallet that the crew appeared not to be aware of.  So, it could be argued that they can have things, simply by dreaming them up.  I believe Eames tells us this with his comment to Arthur about the inadequacy of his gun, where he said something to the effect of, 'you've got to learn to dream bigger', as he pulled out his grenade launcher.

Alternatively, another simpler answer is that the architect of the dream, or the dreamer, could have put them there to start with, or added them on request.

As for his appearance, Eames mentioned that he spent quite a bit of time studying Browning beforehand so that he could pull off the con.  This combined with the ability to change things to at least a small extent (if you accept the first explanation above) implies that anyone could change their appearance, but the skill that Eames brings is likely his ability to maintain an image of himself with an appearance that is not his own, and a facility for impersonation.

We don't know exactly "how" Eames takes on the persona of others, except as already been stated, he studies them and does research to get it right.  However, Eames is a "forger" which means that his speciality as an "extractor" is impersonating other people. It also seems that in the real world, Eames is forger in the usual sense of falsifying documents. 

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