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Is it possible that, all the movie being Cobb´s dream, his wife might be still alive, in the "real world"? The person "dies" in the dream and awakens in real life, but for the dreamer that person is dead.

If "all the movie" (that is, every single bit form start to end) is Cobb's dream, then, yes - anything is possible. Maybe he never had a wife? Maybe he's a trapeze artist from Thailand? The point is that something in the movie needs to be real for us to be sure of anything.

It all depends on how you choose to perceive the movie. One of the theory says that when Mal jumped, she jumped in a dream. She intended to make make Cobb realise that he is dreaming but failed.
Then there are other theories.. chosing to follow one of them each time your watch the move makes for slightly diffrent experiences

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