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If Cobb re-enters Limbo (to find Saito) by drowning in the water in the 1st level, why did we never see him wake up in the water? He must have jumped off Mal's apartment in Limbo, only to die and enter part 1 again (he already got the kick in part 2 and 3), but we never saw him wake up in the water.

Dying in limbo takes you back to reality, period, regardless of how many levels you'd gone through to get there. It is not true that he "must" have jumped off the apartment in Limbo - he could have died from blood loss due to Mal stabbing him.

Alternative Answer

Dying in limbo may not always bring you back to reality. Ariadne and Fischer died in limbo, but only got one level up (regardless of the method of how they had left that level earlier, i.e. Fischer by dying, Ariadne by dreaming). The reason why Cobb and Saito went straight from limbo to reality could be that there were no more dream levels before reality (as all dreamers at the respective levels had already woken up).

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