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Explaining Inception: an FAQ Guide

Guide to the dreams within dreams in the movie Inception.
Spoiler Alert! This guide contains key plot information and you should watch the movie first before reading it.


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What would happen if a dreamer is killed when he/she is in the next dream level at that time? » Improve Q

A dreamer can't go into the next dream level because they're dreaming already.

Think about it, in the first layer, yusef is dreaming, so that's why he didn't go down to the second level (Arthur's dream). In the second layer, Arthur's dreaming, so he didn't go down to the third level (Fischer's dream).

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What is the name of the song that is played before the kick is about to happen? » Improve Q

It's "Non, je ne regrette rien" (No, I don't regret anything) by French singer Edith Piaf, who's also famous for singing "La Vie en rose".

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Why did the flight at the end of the movie was toward Los Angeles when at the begining was toward Australia? Also, Why did Mal jumps from the edge of the building that is in front of the room they rented for the anniversary? What was she doing in the other window of another biulding in another room? Why did the Father (Michael Caine) was watting for Cobb at the airport when the flight was heading to Australia in the first place? » Improve Q

My auto answer: Everything was a dream... in different levels but everything was a dream... Cobb and Mal got lost in different dream levels and they do not know which one is real and which one is a proyection. 

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Why do Cobb and Saito change eye color in the scene where old Saito interrogates Cobb? » Improve Q

That's not Saito. It's Mal impersonating Saito to fool Cobb into thinking he's waking to reality. She's already performed inception on him to make him think her totem is his.

And that's not Cobb. It's Fischer impersonating Cobb in an effort to get himself and Saito out of Limbo.

Or something like that. I don't know, you tell me.

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• Cobb keeps his team in the dark regarding the fact that his wife is continually entering and affecting his dreams in violent ways. why do you think he kept this information to himself? » Improve Q


(How helpful. Hardly coherent at all. Here's my answer:)

Because he's ashamed of it. Cobb is still in denial of what happened with Mal because he knows it was his fault, he's the one who planted the idea in her mind. he doesn't want the others to know this.

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What would happen if Cobb and Saito had remained lost in limbo and their sedative had worn off and the plane had landed in LA? What state would Cobb and Saito be in upon the plane landing? And why? » Improve Q

According to what Cobb said to Ariadne in Yusef's dream, if the plane lands and Cobb and Saito wake up normally (with the sedative wearing off), time dilation compounded layer upon layer would mean that they have spent approximately 180 years in limbo corresponding to the original 10 hours on the flight, and that their brains would be "fried" because of how long you stayed alive (neural/muscular degeneration; mentally, anyway).

As for the first part of the question, if the sedative had worn off, they would simply wake up in the real world, have spent the entirety of the 180 years in limbo.

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Can someone please explain how the team was asleep for the whole flight (10+ hours - they begin the inception and wake up to "landing") and didn't age in the respective dream layers appropriately? if my calculations are correct: ~10 hours in the "real world" would translate to = Level 1: 5 days = Level 2: 90 days = Level 3: 5 years. Saito aged, yeah, he was in limbo; but, if respectively, it was 10 hours that they were asleep for.. then each mission/dream layer would have to correlate with the timing and the activity.... which realistically, doesn't make sense at all. What's up with that holmes? » Improve Q
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Before they get on the plane they say that 10 hours under the sedative gives them something like a week in level one and then a month in level two and so on. I can't remember the exact amount of days. Then it seems everything takes place in a few hours in level 1 and they wake up when the sedative wears off. » Improve Q
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who's responsible for extracting & exiting one from a dream, while the other team members sleep » Improve Q
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What is the reality of Dominic Cobb? » Improve Q

I need you to answer it cause my teacher asked it in a school work... It's is for tonight! Please help me!!! 

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