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University of Toronto FAQ for frosh


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Where can I exercise? » Improve Q
Athletic Centre and Hart House both provide excellent facilities for exercising. Check out their various free and paid programs as well as court booking policies on their websites. » Improve A
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Are there places for non-music student to play piano? » Improve Q
Almost all residences offer music rooms with pianos for their residents, although the quality of piano varies. Hart House offer pianos for all students who sign in with T-Card. If you are RCM Grade 10 or above you can apply for "Steinway Card" with Hart House, which grants you access to additional of two grand pianos they have at Hart House. » Improve A
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Where can I buy text book? » Improve Q
  • U of T Book Store will most likely have what you are looking for. Go early as they are always line up at start of semester.
  • Discount Book Store located across from U of T Book Store on College street has a good selection and the price is usually cheaper than the book store providing that you can find what you are looking for there.
  • is the most popular used book exchange site used by U of T students, you will save a lot of money if you can find a used text book on the site. Be sure to check the edition when shopping for used books.
  • Ryebooks.Com is also an option for UofT students, way faster than TUSBE.
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Where can I grab a bite to eat around school? » Improve Q
  • School Cafe: There are school cafes in many buildings in U of T. These are the most convenient options, especially if you need to spend your flex dollars. Quality varies, so you may need to try a few from different cafes before finding something you like.
  • Food Cart on St George: Food carts on St George Street offer some quick and cheap ways to eat, they are fairly tasty too. Be sure to visit before noon as lines usually start to build up then.
  • China Town: If you have some time, China town is just a few blocks south of U of T on Spadina Avenue. Many restaurants offer very tasty food with great price.
  • Yonge Street: A few blocks east on Yonge street, one of the busiest street in Toronto, you can surely find something to your liking.
  • Bloor Street: There's a tons of options on Bloor Street right from Thai, Japanese, Indian, Italian or just cafes/pubs/McDonalds. Some of them also serve half-price dishes on certain days for lunch. And the street is so well connected to the main buildings.
  • College Street: Just south of the Engineering buildings you will find a few restaurants tailored for students with fast service and very affordable price.
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Is there a way to find out if I'm registered or not? I had problem transferring my fund so it might be reached the University a few days after the deadline. » Improve Q
You can check your status on ROSI. Go to "Personal Timetable" then "Status" at the bottom of the page. If it says "REG" then you are registered. Generally speaking if you are only a little late you can bring the proof of payment to your college's registrar office ASAP to register and shouldn't encounter too much problem, but it is best to phone your college's registrar as soon as they open to double check on that. » Improve A
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I would like to join some student clubs, where can I shop for the ones to join? » Improve Q
Be sure to check out Club Day before school start. That is the day where all clubs would line up their booths along King Circle and Hart House Circle where you can ask questions and get information on what they do and how to join. In case you missed the Club Day, some but not all clubs would continue setting up booths near entrance of Sidney Smith building during orientation week. » Improve A
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When should I buy text book? » Improve Q
It is recommended to wait until after the first lecture where you receive the syllabus and instructions from professor to have a better idea of which book on the list to buy. Not all books are necessary and editions of text book may matter more in one course than another. » Improve A
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Where can I find out more information about a course and its instructor? » Improve Q
If you are in Faculty of Arts and Science, ASSU publish a very informative guide called "anti calendar" you can pick up, which compiles feedback from students who've taken the courses. » Improve A
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Hey i wanna be part of the school radio, like the gospel music segment they got on sunday. What is the probanility i will get in. I got no experience bt i am charismatic tho and i am into gospel music? I would wanna work as the dj or part of the hosts. where can i go to apply too? » Improve Q
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How likely will I get into a course if I'm on wait list? » Improve Q
This varies greatly from course to course, mostly depending on the class size. If you are within the first few on the wait list chances of you getting in is usually very good. Wait list position moves more quickly once class start when other students have a better idea of whether they want to continue enrolling in a class or not. » Improve A
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