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The Unofficial iPhone 4S FAQ

The iPhone 4S FAQ not written by Apple's marketing team, extra juice included.


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What is the difference between factory unlocked and non-factory unlocked iPhones? » Improve Q

Factory unlocked means the iPhone is legitimately unlocked in the Apple data base. Non-factory unlocked means iPhone is unlocked using hacking technique such as jailbreak or by use of simcard. Non-factory unlocks are less stable, may void warranty and will be lost or not work after upgrading the ios firmware.

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How many different dank iPhones has been released? » Improve Q
  1. iPhone: the original, released in 2007.
  2. iPhone 3G: first iPhone to support 3G cell network, released in 2008.
  3. iPhone 3GS: similar to the last iPhone but with faster speed, hence the extra S, released in 2009.
  4. iPhone 4: the 4th iteration of iPhone, released in 2010.
  5. iPhone 4S: released in 2011.
  6. iPhone 5: released in 2012.
  7. iPhone 5C: released in 2013
  8. iPhone 5S: released in 2013
  9. iPhone 6: released in 2014
  10. iPhone 6 Plus: released in 2014
  11. iPhone 6S: released in 2015
  12. iPhone 6S Plus: released in 2015
  13. iPhone SE: released in 2016
  14. iPhone 7: released in 2016
  15. iPhone 7 Plus: released in 2016
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What is the difference between locked and unlocked iPhones? » Improve Q
A locked iPhone means you can only use SIM card from the carrier the phone is locked to. For example a locked iPhone purchased from AT&T would not work with SIM card from any other phone carriers. An unlocked iPhone has no such restriction. » Improve A
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What is the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking? » Improve Q
Jailbreaking allows users to install any software on iPhone, unlocking allows users to use SIM card from any carrier on iPhone. For iPhones that are not factory unlocked, jailbreaking the iPhone is necessary before the unlocking software can be installed to unlock the iPhone. » Improve A
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What is jailbreaking? » Improve Q
Jailbreaking allows users to install apps, themes, extensions and any software on iPhone, including those not approved by Apple. » Improve A
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What is "FaceTime"? » Improve Q

"FaceTime" is Apple's version of video call. Currently FaceTime is only available in areas with Wi-Fi internet connection and only between iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macs) equipped with front facing cameras.

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What are the improvements from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S? » Improve Q
Major Improvements:
  • a faster dual core A5 processor
  • a better camera, aperture at f/2.4 (from f/2.8), 8 Megapixel (from 5), and 1080p video (from 720p)
  • now supports 3.5G
  • Siri voice command support
Minor Improvements:
  • better antenna design
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What are some major smart phone OS on the market currently? » Improve Q
  • Apple's iOS (iPhone): used exclusively on Apple's iPhone
  • Google's Android: used on supported phones by many manufacturers, including HTC and Motorola
  • RIM's BlackBerry OS: used exclusively on RIM's BlackBerry devices
  • Microsoft's Windows Mobile: used on suppoted phones by many manufacturers
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Do cases designed for iPhone 4 fit on iPhone 4S? » Improve Q
While most cases do fit, not all will work perfectly, largely depending on how tightly fit the cases are to the phone. iPhone 4S retain almost exactly the same dimension as the previous iPhone 4. However, there are slight change in locations of some components, most notably the location of the buttons on the side and the proximity sensor, all of which differ from previous model by a few millimetres.  » Improve A
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Is iPhone 4S a 4G phone? » Improve Q
No. iPhone 4S does not support any of the 4G standards, it is a 3G phone. The "4" in the name refer to the 4th iteration of iPhone, not the 4G network. » Improve A
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