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Infinity Blade FAQ


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How do I get to negative bloodlines? » Improve Q
In the tutorial, lose to the dark knight by never blocking, it will take a while. After it kills you, choose "save and restart castle" to go into negative bloodline. You will also be granted and equipped with the dark gears. » Improve A
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Can I get to negative bloodline in new game +? » Improve Q
No. If defeated in game plus by dark knight, the only option is to load from last check point. » Improve A
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What do I keep and what do I lose when I start a new Game Pluls? » Improve Q
You lose all your inventories and your gold and your bloodline starts at 1 (game+ version). However you get to keep your skill and the mastering of equipments. Therefore it is advisory to spend all money before facing zero mech. » Improve A
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How do you make more gold sacks appear? » Improve Q
Wear Gladius (with GoldDrop++) when the game load will make all gold sacks appear in the following bloodline. That means you either have to wear it when beating God King or you need to have an item that masters or a level up after killing the God King, in order for you to have a chance to swap on your Gladius so that you can be wearing that while the screen load for the new blood line. » Improve A
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What do the icons stand for in enemy info? » Improve Q
The icons below "LVL ##" stand for the elemental ability the enemy uses to attack. The icons below the enemy name stands for the elemental magic they are resisted to. » Improve A
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Do you need to get all the treasure box and potion in order to get the "waste not want not" achievement? » Improve Q
No. You don't. » Improve A
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What happens after fighting the God King on blood line -1? » Improve Q
You restart the castle from blood line -2 » Improve A
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What are the attack moves? » Improve Q
  • heavy
  • mega
  • ultra
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Do items resale value double again when you master second time in NewGame Plus? » Improve Q
No. The resale value only double once when you master for the first time. Additional masteries do not further doubling the resale values. Resale only goes from 1/4 to 1/2 of original purchase price. » Improve A
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Can I go back from New Geme + to the old bloodline where I had all my items and money? if so, how? » Improve Q

Yes, select restart from bloodline 1 but you will be in the original game mode and will have to get the infinity blade and defeat the deathless to go back into + mode

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