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How do I turn off the phone part of my iPhone, so that incoming calls would not interrupt me while I'm using my iPhone for something else? » Improve Q

You can put your phone in "airplane mode" under "setting", this way the phone part of iPhone will be turned off. Internet connection should be automatically turned off by default when you do this, however you can turn Wi-Fi back on in the setting while in airplane mode.

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How to close app on iPhone? » Improve Q
Apps will go into a suspend mode whenever you press the home button, and depending on the app it may completely stop or run in the blackgruound. If you wish to close an app completely, first press the circle "home" button once to exit to home screen, then double press on the circle "home" button where your app will appear at the bottom of the screen, long press on the app, and press the x at the corner of the app to close it completely. » Improve A
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How do I save photos and videos from iPhone to the computer? » Improve Q
Once your iPhone is plugged to the computer by USB, you will see the iPhone device under "my computer", navigate to the image folder and simply copy and paste the content into a folder in your computer. » Improve A
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How do I stop autocorrect from changing my text to suggested words while typing? » Improve Q
The suggested word would appear as a text bubble as you type, you simply need to tap on the bubble to tell auto correct that you do not wish to use the suggested word, otherwise the word you were typing would be changed to the suggested word after you finished typing the word (as you press the space bar or a punctuation mark after the word). » Improve A
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What to do if iPhone is not responding to any button press or action? » Improve Q
Long hold the "Sleep/Wake" button at the top and see if the phone would power on. If not then iPhone is frozen. Press and hold both the "Sleep/Wake" button at the top and the circle "home" button, which should restart the iPhone. If none of the above works, it is possible that iPhone is out of battery, plug it into a power source and try the above again after charging. » Improve A
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How do I install / remove / switch SIM card? » Improve Q

The sim card slot is located either at the top (original, 3G and 3GS) or at the side (4, 4S and 5). Use a paper clip or the SIM eject tool from the original iPhone box, insert into the small hole on the SIM card tray to pop out the tray, where you can install, remove or switch SIM card on the tray.

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How do I switch between apps? » Improve Q
Double tap on the circle "home" button and select the app you wish to switch to from the list of apps that would appear at the bottom of the screen. » Improve A
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How do I take a screen shot? » Improve Q
Hold the top "power" button and tap once on the circle "home" button while still holding the power button, the screen will flash and your screen shot is taken and can be found under photos. » Improve A
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How do I turn off the iPhone? » Improve Q
Hold the "Sleep/Wake" button located at the top of iPhone until "slide to power off" appears on the screen, then simply slide to power off. If you are just leaving your phone you can just press the "Sleep/Wake" button once and it will lock and turn off the screen. » Improve A
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How do I move or delete the apps? » Improve Q
Press and hold any of the app from home screen, they will start to wiggle where you can drag them around. Tapping on the little x at corner would delete the app. » Improve A
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