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How do I get my profile picture on Draw Something to change after I've changed the profile picture on Facebook? » Improve Q

Go on facebook, under "privacy setting" -> "App Settings" and remove the Draw Something app. Reconnect to facebook and re-grant the permission.

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What is the difference between paid and free version of Draw Something? » Improve Q

The free version comes with ads that would appear after each round, while the paid version does not; also in the paid version there are more words and an initial gift of bonus coins and "bombs."

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Draw Something : How come I didn't get to guess my partner's drawing? It goes straight to the word selection for my drawing. Even if they pass on my drawing, shouldn't they have to draw one of their own? » Improve Q

This sounds like a major bug. Try to get help from OMGPOP?

10/2012: If you have accidentally closed the game after guessing their picture, it will take you to the "next step" in the process, which in this case is picking a new word.  If you close out of the game before that point - either while watching them guess or while you are guessing their picture - you will likely start over from the first of the three steps.

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I update to the newest version. I accidentally "authorized" my husbands Facebook account instead of my own. when I try to log out it takes me to Facebook and says this page does not exist. when I go back to draw something and use my Facebook password and email it says this account has already been authorized by (my husbands account) and press OK. its a never ending loop. » Improve Q

You're going to have to have your husband go into his Facebook account (upper right corner, "Account Settings", and then to "Apps") and revoke authorization for Draw Something.  Make sure you've logged out of Draw Something as well, then re-open the program.  At that point, it should give you some "create account" or "connect with Facebook" options.

Good luck!

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I accidently logged out of my account on my phone, now when I open the game it asks for a new account. How can I sign in to my account again? » Improve Q

You should get all your progress back by signing into the same account.

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Who owns Draw Something? » Improve Q
Draw Something is developed by OMGPOP, which Zynga later acquired for a rumoured $180 million with $30 million earnout payment. » Improve A
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Is there a way to change word selection without using the bomb? » Improve Q
Simply quit and restart the Draw Something app. To quit the app in iOS, press the home button, once at the home screen, double click the home button, and long press on the Draw Something app at the bottom panel, click the x on the top right corner of the app, and press on the home button again. » Improve A
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How do I connect to a Facebook account? » Improve Q

For non-Apple products, skip to #2.

  1. FYI, for the iPhone, there's a new version of D.S. that (just!) came out the 16th of April, even though the D.S. Facebook (fan/like) page didn't announce it (they stick to merely posting the highest quality art examples) so you may not have known. Go download that (upgrade from your App store).
  2. Launch the app and click the "gear" at the top right, click "account" and scroll down. Then log out. Log in through Facebook and grant the app access.

Return to the app and try to connect with Facebook (again, it's OK!). You won't log in again, as this is functional as normal. You'll then have your accounts connected.

Now you CAN have fun inviting more friends and now even sharing photos to Facebook. Enjoy.

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How do I delete or end a game? » Improve Q

Press on the name of the player and swipe your finger to the right right, a "delete" button would appear in which you can then delete a game. Note that all progress in that game will be lost. This can be used to free up extra game space to get through the 30 active games limit.

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How do I set a profile picture? » Improve Q
The profile picture will be identical to the profile picture on facebook. Currently there's no other way to set profile picture if you are not connected to facebook. » Improve A
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