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How do I get notifications on my tablet? » Improve Q

In the upper right hand corner, there is a "cog", and that activates the setting menu.  There are your options for sounds, alerts, etc.

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What is the hand sign next to players' names when you are waiting for them to take their turn? » Improve Q

That's a "reminder" button.  If you click on it/touch it, it will send a fresh alert to your partner.  It only shows up after about a day or so, I believe.

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How do I see all the colors I purchased? » Improve Q
You can swipe left and right on the color selection panel to see more colors you purchased. » Improve A
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What does "New Record" really mean exactly? How is that calculated & is it my own personal record? » Improve Q

New Record refers to the longest streak you've had with the player you are playing with.

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Is there a way to see the dawings you've done previously? » Improve Q

According to OMGPOP, there's no such feature at this time, although they are considering them in the future.

As of 10/2012:  After you submit a drawing, in iOS, you will be given a few options including a "Save It" button, a Facebook button, and a Twitter button.  In the Android version, you get a "Save It" button down at the bottom of the screen.  If you don't choose to save it (and you also didn't take a screen-cap of the picture), the image is gone.  They are not archived by the game.

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How do I turn on notifications on my LG Ally? I remember turning them off at one point, but I don't know how to get them back! » Improve Q

In Android devices, go to the little cog in the upper right hand corner and into Settings.  There's an option there for Alerts, and when you click on that, you have two options: "activity alerts" and "reminders".  The first is to receive alerts and the second appears to be to enable you to send reminders to others (it tracks how long your games have been inactive).

On certain Droid phones and tablets, the "alert" appears to be a long (10sec+) vibration with a standard notification tone.

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The app exit back to home screen by itself after opening it, what should I do? » Improve Q

On iOS, turn off the device (long press power button) and turn it on, and try the app again.

Rebooting also works for Droid devices.

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I'm currently using android version of Draw Free and I just hit a point where I bought 50 bombs and have enough colors to draw most anything. The last 50-70 moves I've been given the same word options. "ACE", ALARM" and "KINGKONG" to every account. the KINGKONG has changed to ADELE twice but no other changes have happened. I've gotten good at drawing these three things but getting really bored with them. I have 9 people in my account 1 email and 8 random. Does anyone know a way to fix this? I've tried logging out and back in. updating the app. creating a new account then going back to this account. etc. No change. It's been stuck on these three words since I've bought the 50 bombs. (down to 28 now) I'm surprised that people still play with me since I'm not giving them much for a drawing/guessing challenge. » Improve Q
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how to change the dot size (the one u draw with) on drawsomething online » Improve Q

Click on the pen tool near the bottom of the screen and you can select the brush size.

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What's the blue scribble with the checkmark (next to a player's name) mean? » Improve Q

Its the same as Twitter.. It says the person is the real person they say they are. It is used to tell the difference between real and fake celebrities pages.

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