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Diamond Dash FAQ


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How do I unlock Magic Powers? » Improve Q

Once you reached level 12, you can begin to unlock 3 of the magic power items.

  • Mystic Bomb: use 40 fireball diamond. (or spend 25 gold)
  • Time Bonus: use 90 fireall diamond. (or spend 35 gold)
  • Color Splash: play 8 games using Mystic Bomb and 5 games using Time Bonus. (or spend 40 gold)
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How do I unlock Plasma Burst in PC ? If i reached level 7 in Monster world and how i can do ? » Improve Q

Reach level 7 in Monster World to unlock Plasma Burst. It shouldn't take you more than half an hour to get to level 7 in Monster World.

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How does the fireball diamond (bomb) works? » Improve Q

For every time you clear a combination, the bar at the top gets filled up a little more, once the bar is full, you get a fireball diamond which when clicked on would clear one horizontal and one vertical line on the board. Note that if you click on any diamond that didn't end up with a combination (less than 3 of the same color), the bar will decrease.

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I'm at Level 68 in Diamond Dash Facebook, why don't I have Color Splash (got mystic bomb and time bonus..), please somebody HELP??? » Improve Q

You have to either spend 40 gold, or both play 8 rounds with the mystic bomb and 5 with the time bonus.

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I think I spot gems changing color by themselves? » Improve Q

Yes when there are not enough matches in the board some gems do change color for the player to more easily make matches.

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What is Plasma Burst? » Improve Q

Plasma Burst will clear a big block of gems around it when clicked on.

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Why doesnt color splash work on my ipad but it does on my laptop? » Improve Q

The color splash is a new addition to iOS version of the game. Try to update the Diamond Dash on your iOS device. 

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What is a Mystic Bomb? » Improve Q

Once used, Mystic Bomb will appear multiple times randomly on the board, and when cleared will cause neighboring gem to explode as well. Mystic bomb will be unlocked once one reach 40 fireball diamonds after level 12, and it costs 300 silver coins to use it per game.

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How much bonus does leveling up get you? » Improve Q

You get 1% bonus for each level you achieve.

This is certainly true for the lower levels but the higher you go the more levels you have to clear to gain an extra 1%. I'm currently level 91 and won't see another bonus increase for 3-4 levels :(

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How do you unlock fireball diamond X(2,3,4 etc) in diamond dash? » Improve Q
you need to reach the full bar (blue bar) in game play. if your a low level (level 2 for instance) you need to play more- i think it comes around level 8. but after filling the blue bar one will appear. » Improve A
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