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Plants vs Zombies FAQ


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How do you beat Level 5-5 on second play through? » Improve Q

Put all Chompers on rows 3-5, protect all front lines with Pumpkins. The strategy is to allow Chompers to finish eating a zombie while another one is hacking away at the pumpkin protecting it. Use Cherry Bomb only when there is too many zombies in one area and it look like Pumpkin + Chomper would not be able to handle that many at a time. Don't panick when there is a huge wave, see how many would get consumed by Chomper and then use your Cherry Bomb carefully. The level should be easy to pass when using the correct strategy.

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What's the highest number of sun one can accumulate? » Improve Q

The most sun one can accumulate in a level is 9990. After that number is reached, the number will stay at 9990 for any additional sun collected.

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