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The Unofficial iPhone 5 FAQ

The iPhone 5 FAQ not written by Apple's marketing team, extra juice included.


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What are the differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S? » Improve Q

Major improvements:

  • Taller 16:9, 1136x640 screen (compare to 960x640)
  • Faster A6 CPU at about twice the speed (compare to A5 chip)
  • Support faster LTE network
  • Smaller, reversible "lightning" dock connector
  • 1.2MP Front facing camera capable of 720p video and(compare to VGA camera)

Other Improvements:

  • Sapphire crystal lens for main back camera
  • Wideband audio, HD Voice for higher call quality
  • Come with new and improved headphone "EarPods"
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What is the difference between factory unlocked and non-factory unlocked iPhones? » Improve Q

Factory unlocked means the iPhone is legitimately unlocked in the Apple data base. Non-factory unlocked means iPhone is unlocked using hacking technique such as jailbreak or by use of simcard. Non-factory unlocks are less stable, may void warranty and will be lost or not work after upgrading the ios firmware.

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How many different dank iPhones has been released? » Improve Q
  1. iPhone: the original, released in 2007.
  2. iPhone 3G: first iPhone to support 3G cell network, released in 2008.
  3. iPhone 3GS: similar to the last iPhone but with faster speed, hence the extra S, released in 2009.
  4. iPhone 4: the 4th iteration of iPhone, released in 2010.
  5. iPhone 4S: released in 2011.
  6. iPhone 5: released in 2012.
  7. iPhone 5C: released in 2013
  8. iPhone 5S: released in 2013
  9. iPhone 6: released in 2014
  10. iPhone 6 Plus: released in 2014
  11. iPhone 6S: released in 2015
  12. iPhone 6S Plus: released in 2015
  13. iPhone SE: released in 2016
  14. iPhone 7: released in 2016
  15. iPhone 7 Plus: released in 2016
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What kind of SIM Card does iPhone 5 use? » Improve Q

Unlike any previous version of iPone, iPhone 5 uses Nano-SIM, which is smaller and not compatible with original SIM or Micro-Sim.

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What is "Retina Display"? » Improve Q

"Retina Display" is a marketing term coined by Apple to describe the high resolution screen first debuted on iPhone 4, whose 3.5 inch screen was packed with 960x640 pixels, resulting in 326 pixels per inch (ppi) density. Their theory was that at that density pixels become so small that human eyes cannot spot the individual pixels even at very close distance. Although there has been report countering the theory, pixel density on iPhone 4's screen was in fact far denser than any competitors' on the market at the time of announcement. Many screen has since achieve similar density since iPhone 4 debuted in 2010.

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Why can't one call iPhone 5 iPhone 5G? » Improve Q

The G refers to the generation of network the phone supported. iPhone 5 supports up to 4G network, so calling it 5G would be incorrect.

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Is iPhone 5 the 5th iPhone from Apple? » Improve Q

No. iPhone 5 is actually the 6th iPhone from Apple.

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Does iPhone 5 use a new connector dock? » Improve Q

Yes, and adapter is available.

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What are the new features of iOS 6? » Improve Q

iOS 6 will come with iPhone 5, its new features include:

  • New maps designed by Apple replacing the Google Map, with flyover and turn by turn navigation.
  • Improved Siri with app launcher, sport score, restaurant reservation, facebook and twitter status update, among others.
  • Integration with facebook.
  • Photo stream sharing.
  • Passbook organizing gift card, coupon and loyalty card into an app.
  • Facetime over cellular data.
  • Panorama Camera.
  • New emoji icons.
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When was iPhone 5 announced? » Improve Q

iPhone 5 was announced on September 12th, 2012.

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