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Rogers / fido iPhone 5 FAQ


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Can I use fido dollar toward iPhone 5? » Improve Q

Yes, you can use fido dollar toward an iPhone 5 with or without an agreement (contract).

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Could I get a nano-SIM? » Improve Q

Nano-SIM should be available in Rogers / fido store on iPhone 5 launch day for $10 or free with purchase of an iPhone 5. Historically if one buys iPhone 5 from Apple Store, nano-SIM should be available with the phone purchase for free (or sometimes for 1 cent). There have been reports that sometimes one can get free new SIM card in Apple store without buying the phone on the spot by claiming that a phone was purchased but forgot to get a SIM card.

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I am still in a contract with fido, can I upgrade to iPhone 5 at a subsidized price? » Improve Q

If your are within 6 months to the end of contract, it is possible to get iPhone 5 with subsidize pricing by extending the contract. If you have more than 6 months left in your contract, you can break the the contract by manually terminating it and pay the early cancellation fee, which will be calculated based on how many months of contract you have left.

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How much does iPhone cost from Rogers / fido? » Improve Q

With select 3-year agreement (max plan), the pricing would be

  • $179 for 16GB
  • $279 for 32GB
  • $379 for 64GB

Or any customer can buy without restriction on plan or agreement at

  • $699 for 16GB
  • $799 for 32GB
  • $899 for 64GB
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Can I use fido's iPhone on Rogers network? » Improve Q

No. Although fido and Rogers are owned by the same corporation, their SIM card has different carrier code, therefore iPhone locked to one carrier cannot be used with SIM card from the other.

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Would my iPhone be locked or unlocked if I buy from fido? » Improve Q

Your iPhone would be locked when you buy from fido, however you may ask fido to unlock it if you are not in a contract.

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What versions of iPhone 5 can I reserve through fido? » Improve Q

While originally only 16GB version is available, fido has announced that all versions can be reserved on September 14th.

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Do i need to sign on a contract to get iPhone 5? » Improve Q

No. Current fido customers can get an iPhone 5. Only those who wish to get iPhone 5 at a subsidized price need to sign on to a contract. If one wish to pay iPhone 5 at full price there's no restriction regarding contract.

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How soon will I get my iPhone 5? » Improve Q

While there is no official word, Rogers/fido do offer a $50 credit if your phone isn't ship within 14 days of launch day or of your reservation day, thus the likelihood of getting your phone within 2 weeks is fairly good.

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Will unlocked iPhone 5 be available at launch day at Apple Store? » Improve Q

No, unlike previous iPhone launches, unlocked iPhone 5 will not be available at Apple Store on launch day. They will only be selling locked iPhone 5 with carrier of choice.

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