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Fruit Ninja FAQ Guide


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How do you deflect the bombs? » Improve Q
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What do the items in Gutsu's Cart do? » Improve Q
  • Bomb Deflects: Enable you to avoid any penalty when swiping the bomb. Works in Classic, Arcade and Zen Mode.
  • Berry Blasts: Strawberries when swiped will grant you extra points plus blowing bomb away. Works in ClassicArcade, and Zen Mode.
  • Peachy Times: Peaches when swiped will grant you 2 seconds of extra time. Works in Arcade Mode and Zen Mode.
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What are the blitz? » Improve Q

Blitz are combos in Arcade Mode. Blitz can be initiated by creating combo within a short period a time, and can be continued by matching more combos before the drum roll sound and upward arrow animation in the background died down. Striking a bomb will end any blitz. Blitz give you extra points.

  • Combo Blitz: 3 Combos, +5 points.
  • Great Blitz: 6 Combos, +10 points.
  • Awesome Blitz: 9 Combos, +15 points.
  • Super Blitz: 12 Combos, +20 points.
  • Hyper Blitz: 15 Combos, +25 points.
  • Unbelievable Blitz: 18 Combos, +30 points.

After achieving unbelievable blitz any additional 3 combos achieve within the blitz time will be unbelievable blitz.

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How do I use the items I purchased in Gutsu's Cart? » Improve Q

They will automatically be used when you play the relevant game mode. Bomb Deflects will be used when you swipe a bomb.

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What is critical hit and how do I get it? » Improve Q

Critical hit grant you 10 extra points. Critical hits occur at random and is based on luck.

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What are the special bananas in Arcade Mode? » Improve Q
  • Score 2x Banana: Double your score for a period of time.
  • Frenzy Banana: Make lots of fruits appear from both side.
  • Freeze Banana: Slow down the time so you can create combo more easily.
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Is it frustrating when you get freeze banana and still didn't get any combo? » Improve Q


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What are combos? » Improve Q

Combos happen when you slice three or more fruits at once, the score doubles when you slice with a combo.

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What happens if I get a frozen banana at the end when timer reaches zero? » Improve Q

You will actually get a few more seconds of game play with slow motion.

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