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How do I make revision or delete a file in a group? » Improve Q

When you add a file in a group, a post (story) will also be created indicating that you've uploaded the file. Find the post on group's main page and you will find the "upload revision" to upload a new revision of the file. Click the top right corner of the story for option to "Delete Post" which will also delete the file, note that all history of the file on the group will be deleted as well.

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Why can't I rearrange the order of photos in an album by dragging and dropping in the new photo view? » Improve Q

Normally you would be able to by simply dragging and dropping the photo. However sometimes when the photos are "under the fold" i.e. are loaded after you scroll down, the newly loaded photos may not be able to be dragged. In this case simply click on "edit" at the top of the album, and drag the photos form the album edit page.

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How do you create a new location? » Improve Q

Location can currently only be created on the mobile version of facebook website. You can do it either on a phone or by going to from a desktop. Location creation link will appear when you try to check in and search for a place to do so.

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How do I rearrange order of my albums? » Improve Q

You can do so by going to this URL:

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