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Bejeweled Blitz Technical Support FAQ


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Why do I have to purchase bejeweled blitz again when I have already purchased it and have been playing it for months. I can't play anymore, it tells me my free trial is over. It isn't a free trial, I purchased it at a srore. Help. » Improve Q
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I recently can't connect to Bejeweled Blitz from my iPad or iPod Touch, I get the error "A connection from Facebook isn't available at this time." This has been happening for the last week or so. What can I do to fix this? » Improve Q

Reinstall facebook app.

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How do i recieve my coin bonus if I bought the retail copy? I followed the instructions to claim coins off the start menu, but I don't see the million coins when I open the game. » Improve Q

Contact PopCap customer support at to get them to look into the case.

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Whats that new inbox message about the game helpers and can't get at them? » Improve Q
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What to do when purchased boost didn't appear? » Improve Q
This is a known occasional bug some players might experience. PopCap suggests waiting a few seconds after purcahsing boost before starting a new game. It will also consider refund for players experiencing such problem by emailing with Facebook ID and approximate coin lost. » Improve A
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Do moonstones ever appear on the pc installed program or only on the facebook app? The PC program connects to facebook but I have yet to see this rare gem after quite a lot of games. » Improve Q
I've owned the PC version for almost a year and play daily and NO moonstones or any other of the rare gems available.  Don't know why!
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starting on Tuesday Apr. 24 the gifts sent to me are just sitting blasnk in the message centre saying RECEIVING SENDERS DATA » Improve Q
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Why when the +2 boost is "free" is it deducting coins from me? » Improve Q
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after purchasing Bejewlled 3, how can you put it on a laptop or do you have to purchase it again. » Improve Q
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Bejeweled blitz loads but is dark & can't be played. What is wrong. I updated adobe & restarted comp. » Improve Q
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